✅ MAJOR HEAT REDUCTION: Applying our tint film can drastically reduce your interior temperature by up to 25°F/12°C. It also blocks up to 99% of UV Rays (radiation) and up to 99% of IR Rays (heat). Get the most comfort while inside of your home with ceramic film!

✅ PROTECT YOUR HOME: With superior solar protection, our tint film can help protect your home from UV radiation damage. Keep harmful UV rays from damaging the looks of your TV, paintings, furnishings, curtains, and more.

✅ ENERGY SAVINGS: Reducing temperature imbalances is why many building engineers, architects, and designers are choosing ceramic tint film. It will greatly increase air conditioning units efficiency and significantly lower energy costs.

✅ EASY TO HANDLE: Our tint film is only 2 Mils in thickness. Applying tint film on flat glass is some of the easiest installations to complete compared to automotive. Our films do require a heat gun source in order to help activate the glue in order to mold the film onto the glass.

✅ CHOOSE YOUR SHADE: Select the desired shade for your order. We offer 70% (lightest), 50%, 35%, 25%, 15%, and 5% (darkest) shade types. Our lightest ceramic shade blocks out more UV and IR Rays than any other traditional window film.

Window Tint For Buildings (5ft x 10ft)