Synthetic fabrics
Synthetic fabrics



Synthetic fabrics
Synthetic fabrics


Our Fabric Concentrate and Aerosol products are engineered to repel water, oil, and stains for all types of fabric without changing it's appearance or texture. Our technology can also be easily integrated into manufacturing lines. 

Our Nano-Coating water repellent protects all types of fabrics from water, oil, dirt and stains.
It’s invisible, non-toxic, and will not affect a fabric’s appearance, texture, or breathability.

• Strong water/oil repelling properties

• Strong non-stick properties

• Dries on clear

• Breathable

• Abrasion Resistant 

• Non-Toxic/Eco-Friendy

• Lasts up to 3 Months

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For Best Use On



• Clothing • Shoes • Hats/Caps • Furniture (Sofas, Chairs) • Luggage/Backpack

• Hand bags/Purses • Automotive Textiles • Strollers • Household Textiles


Coverage Rate

1 bottle can coat 1.5 Sq. Meter 



(depending on the absorbency of the material)

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How It Works

PREPARATION: Fabric must be completely clean and dry. Wash and dry the surface before applying.


APPLICATION: Apply by spraying at least four inches (4") away from surface. Ensure that surface is coated evenly.


CURE TIME: Allow surface to air dry for 15 minutes. Drying time may vary due to drying environment.

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For Best Use On



• Strong Water/Oil Repelling Properties

• Strong Non-Stick Properties

• Maintain Fabric Breathability 

• Anti-Microbial

• Wash Clothes With Just Water

• Non-Toxic/Eco-Friendly

• Lasts up to 20 Washes

• Clothing • Baby Clothing • Curtains • Denim

• Bed Sheets • Automotive Textiles • Household Textiles


See how we're creating a sustainable environment


Through nanotechnology we can help achieve sustainability for your company or at home. Our solutions allow you to wash your clothes with simply water. No need to use harsh chemicals such as detergents or bleach. This means less toxic-run off into our oceans/rivers and less loads to wash at home. 

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Our Fabric Concentrate solution can be easily integrated into fabric textile manufacturing lines. We can help you add more value and features to your apparel. If you think this can be the right solution for you inquire with us down below. 

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